At Teckelwood we breed, raise and show dachshunds (miniature longhairs, miniature smooths and standard longhairs). We show both in conformation and performance. Amanda is  a life member of the Dachshund Club of America and a member of the National Miniature Dachshund Club. Rae and Amanda are members of the Cascade Dachshund Club in Washington and the Five Valley Kennel Club in Missoula, Montana Please check out the pictures of our puppies, performance dogs, champion stud dogs and champion brood bitches.

Teckelwood is an AKC registered kennel name owned by Amanda Hodges. Vindachs is an AKC registered kennel name owned by Dick and Twyla Vincent.


Teckelwood Farms • (406) 644-3446 • Charlo, Montana • Email

We have a limited number of puppies available. All are AKC registered. 

Call 406-644-3446

or email

Check out the puppy page for more information.





34 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. caroline Says:


    I live in Polson and have a dachshund. I was wondering how much your puppies cost and what puppies you have now or expect this year.

    Thank you!


    1. teckelwood Says:

      I have two 6 week old miniature males.

    2. teckelwood Says:

      Call me at 406-644-3446 or email if you would like to see them.

  2. I am looking for a Standard LH. Do you have any Litters planned ? Depepnding on age may look at a adult. I am looking for a Companion Dog. On Average what weight range are your Standards ?


    1. teckelwood Says:

      I hope to have a standard litter this winter or next spring.

      1. teckelwood Says:

        Our standards usually are around 25#.

  3. kathleen Says:

    Do you know of non-puppy mini available?
    Kathleen in Missoula

    1. teckelwood Says:

      Yes. If you’ll send an email to me, I’ll help you find a good breeder.

  4. John Says:

    You mentioned maybe a litter of standards this winter, What size in weight do your standards range in ? Also what colors are the parents ?

    1. teckelwood Says:

      Our standards are approximately 25#.

  5. Lori Says:

    We own Teckelwood’s Easter Delte SL (aka Bounder). He will be 14 in March and is in exceptionally good health. He has been our companion for almost 13 years and we love him dearly! It’s fun to look through your site and pedigrees and see Bounder’s parents listed (Teckelwood Rommel Langhaar ML and Stargate Special Copy). Thank you, Amanda, for all you do for the breed!

  6. phatgrandma Says:
    Hello there, Thought you would like to see the new babies.

  7. Debra Henn Says:

    We bought a minature dachshund from Amanda in 1996….she was a short hair black and tan….we named her Darla….she lived for 14 1/2 years without any illness or back problems…..she was the light of our life….Darla just past away in May. We miss her so much there are no words to explain our pain….she lived and breathed with us…..she was our best friend and one of my kids….we were hooked at the hip…..I still talk and sing to her because I know she is listening….Darla was perfect from het markings, to her temperament because she came from good stock….quality dogs!!!…..I will drive to wherever Amanda Hodges is to buy another dachshund from her!!!

  8. John Russell Says:

    Curiosity mainly. Greetings from Nebraska, previously Courter Tech Cincinnati.

  9. erin Says:

    I am looking for a choc/tan smooth puppy. Do you have any? If not, can you point me in the right direction?

    1. teckelwood Says:

      I haven’t seen any in some time. I’ll let you know if I get a lead of a good breeder who has them.

  10. Kim Says:

    Hi Amanda,
    We are looking for a young adult dachshund or a possibly a pup. We currently live in Gig Harbor, WA but are from MT. We are coming back for Thanksgiving from 21-25th. We are hoping you might have some dogs available…please let me know. thanks, Kim

    1. john russell Says:


        Creating Art is like the wind that blows away the dust in a persons soul.

      >________________________________ > From: Teckelwood >To: >Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 3:19 PM >Subject: [New comment] Welcome! > > > > >Kim commented: “Hi Amanda, We are looking for a young adult dachshund or a possibly a pup. We currently live in Gig Harbor, WA but are from MT. We are coming back for Thanksgiving from 21-25th. We are hoping you might have some dogs available…please let me know. ” >

  11. Valerie Riddle (Langhaar) Says:

    Hi guys, long time. Very nice website. I never tire of seeing Squirt still showing up in pedigrees. Her son, Mulder (Langhaar X-Philes ML) is still with me. He is the last of my show line and doing well at 14. Tried getting another show dog, but she’s not related, and she hates to show, so I never really made her. Oh well. That, and I can’t get up and down, or around a ring like I used to. My only hope these days would be to co-own, and let the co-owner do all the showing. Don’t know anyone around here anymore though. Pepper has shown for me occasionally, but she’s usually too busy working most of the time. Well, glad to see you’re still doing well. Miss you guys.

  12. Rick Blaskovich Says:

    Our dashchaund of 12 years died last monday as he was coming out of surgery. My wife put it best “I feel like the sunshine has gone from my day”. Do you have any puppies, if not can you recommend a breeder in eastern Mt. We live in Laurel.

    1. teckelwood Says:

      I have a black and tan smooth male and a red brindle smooth male available. We are near Missoula.

  13. Kate Morrisett Says:

    I was looking for a short haired puppy. We just lost our dachshund back in May. We are looking to replace our Pete dog. Are you going to have any puppies available. Color doesnt matter but want a short haired.

  14. Tyne Whitlow Says:

    My parents recently lost their oldest this month. I was 16 when we got him and I am now almost 32. So sad. They would like a new pup, cream with black dapple. Within the next four months would be nice. female, smooth/short hair. Please email me personally, because it would be their Christmas present. Thank you, kindly! Yellowstone/Sweetgrass area is our location.

  15. Rachel Occhionero Says:

    Wondering what your prices are for a puppy and if you will have any around Christmas time! Looking for a red or black and tan smooth female. Thank you

  16. Shari Berglund Says:

    I heard you had a new litter born… Are the puppies already sold? How many and what color and kind of coat and how much are you selling them for? I have two precious doxies now.. Both sable smooth coats! Mama and son! I bred a few litters and then just decided to keep mama for my sweet baby girl:) I am so in love with them… And the breed as a whole:)

  17. Angela Koch Says:


    I have an ee cream LH female that will be ready to breed in about a year. She carries for piebald and I’m looking for a stud to breed her to when the time comes. I have my own black and tan dapple male, but I’m looking to expand my bloodlines with this new female. I was curious if you would be interested in studding out one of your males.

    Please let me know.


    1. teckelwood Says:

      Yes. Email or phone for additional information about potential studs. Two of the creams have frozen semen.

      1. Jennifer Pfendler Says:

        Hello! Please give me info on your puppies. I’m very interested. Thanks

        Sent from my iPhone


      2. teckelwood Says:

        Contact me through my email if you’d like pictures and pedigrees.

  18. Heather Says:

    Do you have any puppy avail now? And what are the cost that you charge to purchase I am looking for my family 1st dog.

  19. John hood Says:

    HI do you still have puppies for sale dashounds we lost ours of 15 years last September thank you John hood

  20. Floid McFarlane Says:

    We have a female dachshund standard. Her parents were a pieball father and a red mother. We are looking to breed her with a dapple male. Any info would be wonderful.

  21. Olga Leticia Herrera Says:

    Hello I have a dachshund little male and was wondering if u have any males of females and what ur price range was for both of them.
    Thank you !
    Olga Leticia Herrera

  22. Larry and Margret Hjorth Says:

    We are very interested in getting a daschund. We just left Becky and Bill Burgess’s place and they gave us your name. We will take a puppy, older or disabled miniature. Thank you for any help you can give us in this matter.

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