March 2011

Snowman and Magic are collected. You will need to have a vet who can do a surgical semen implant if you want to use frozen sperm. We can arrange for chilled sperm for Cris, Jack and Hunter or you can come to Montana and stay with us and have a natural breeding. The Mission Mountains can be lovely in the spring.

MVH stands for Mandy’s Vast Herd. I bought an Angus cow and calf. We named the cow Arabella and the calf Sir Loin. Arabesque had been bred and next year we welcomed Arabesque to Mandy’s Vast Herd. I then bought Agnes, a lowline Angus, and “8”. Finally Rae bought a bull. MVH was up and running, so to speak. The heifers all had girl’s names. The bull calves were all named Bully. The steers had names that remind us of their ultimate destiny. The herd has been sold to a neighbor in Charlo.

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