Hodge Podge Lodge

MVH stands for Mandy’s Vast Herd. I bought an Angus cow and calf. We named the cow Arabella and the calf Sir Loin. Arabesque had been bred and next year we welcomed Arabesque to Mandy’s Vast Herd. I then bought Agnes, a lowline Angus, and “8”. Finally Rae bought a bull. MVH was up and running, so to speak. The heifers all have girl’s names. The bull calves are all named Bully. The steers have names that remind us of their ultimate destiny.

We have a limited number of puppies available. All are AKC registered. We encourage new puppy owners to come to Charlo, Montana to pick up their puppy. We can meet planes in Missoula. We have plenty of room here for you to stay overnight (B& B) if that works better with your flight schedule. You can enjoy seeing the Mission Mountain Range of the Rockies while getting to know your new puppy.

Call 406-644-3446 or

email teckelwood@charlo.net

AKC Breeder of Merit